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Written by: Jan Edissi

As 2017 launches, I find myself reflecting on the changes at The Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region.  We have a new website, a brand new Facebook page and a new office too.  Launching our Facebook page was such a great experience.  While we are a well-established organization in Waterloo Region, we were nonexistent in the world of social media.  It was so exciting to announce that our Facebook page was live!  We were thrilled to see our likes and friends grow in number!  I really enjoy reading the posts especially those that include the photos of our grant money recipients smiling happily with Doug Hess our president.  It reminds me of the great work we do and the positive impact our work has on others.  Did you know that we supported a music therapy program at Lutherwood Children’s Mental Health Centre?  The money went toward the purchase of a new MacBook.  That Facebook post reached 756 people!  This is very exciting for an organization that didn’t exist on Social Media three years ago and I am so proud of this accomplishment. Each year an updated video is released called “The social Media Revolution” and it is worth a look. You will find it on YouTube.  In only a few minutes, many impressive statistics and trends are conveyed while the upbeat music reminds us of just how fast all of this is changing.  One quote from the video I think says it best is:  “Social Media isn’t a fad, it is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.”  So hurray for us, we are shifting our communication also.  I admit we don’t have the followers that Ashton Kutcher or Brittany Spears have, (apparently they have more twitter followers than the entire population of Sweden, Israel, Switzerland, Norway , Ireland, Panama) but we are growing, one follower at a time. I am so proud of how far we have come!  I hope you will continue to follow us on Facebook, like and share to spread the word about the amazing work we do.  Bookmark our new website too.  And, while I am asking….buy a lottery ticket too?

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