The Beginning of a Peace Garden at Resurrection Catholic Secondary School

Last September Joe Dietrich, a teacher at Resurrection Catholic Secondary School, began the process of completing an application for a grant request from the Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region in his Green Industries course.  The class worked under the student leadership of Dylan Robbescheuten when they applied for funding to create a Peace Garden on the grounds of the school. This project integrates the expertise of students and staff from multiple classes at Resurrection. An Aboriginal Studies class proposed the medicine wheel design.  The plans and drawings will be the responsibility of the Architecture and Drafting Class.  The Landscaping will also be provided by another group of students at Resurrection.

In their grant application the students noted that Pope Francis once said; ‘For many, nature can be a Church’.  To this quote the students added that ‘this Peace Garden will be a gateway.’

The CCFOWR is so impressed with the great inspirations that were used to both write the application and to design this inclusive space for Resurrection students and faculty.  We are positive everyone will enjoy its tranquility when it is completed.

On May 24th the CCFOWR was invited to share witness Father Toby’s Blessing of the ground on which this Peace Garden will be built.  We also were there to share in the experience of the official ground-breaking.  Thank you for including us in your journey to complete this project.  We look forward to hearing more about your media plans in the fall.





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