CCFOWR Celebrating 40 Years

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October 1, 2018

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Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region Celebrating 40 Years

Catholic Charities Lottery celebrates with a new lottery structure
featuring 40 draws and more than $40,000 in prizes!!!


Waterloo Region, ON – Trustees of The Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region (CCFOWR) have announced an exciting new set up for the Catholic Charities Lottery for 2019.  The Catholic Charities Lottery began in the 1970’s as a fundraiser for the expansion and renovations of St. Mary’s and St. Jerome’s High Schools.  Today, it is the sole fundraiser of the CCFOWR.

Quick Facts

  • Since its inception the Foundation has provided over $3 Million dollars to Catholic Schools, Catholic Parishes and Community Organizations in Waterloo Region
  • Since the year 2000:
    • $605,000 + Provided to Not-for-Profit Community Organizations
    • $750,000 + Provided to WCDSB schools to enhance and support religious programming AND
    • $385,000 + Provided to Catholic Parishes within Waterloo Region

Key focus areas of the Foundation include:

  • Grants for child and youth programs
  • Grants supporting initiatives related to the marginalized and the impoverished
  • Grants supporting already-established initiatives in Waterloo Region

New format for the 40th Anniversary Lottery:

  • Lottery sales will begin in the fall of 2018
  • 50/50 draw before Christmas
  • 40 draws for over $40,000 in cash prizes

To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, present and past board members and friends of The Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region and The Catholic Charities Lottery will join together on January 18, 2019. More details to follow.


“Over the past 12 years the Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region has enriched the lives and learning of youth served by Lutherwood. You have provided valuable resources that have helped at-risk youth learn through music, trades, technology, and movement.  We share your value of the advancement of education and are so grateful for your partnership, trust and support.”

  • Donna Buchan, M.Sc.N., Executive Director, Lutherwood Child and Family Foundation


“CCFOWR has enhanced the services Marillac Place provides to our community by allowing us to deliver the services with appropriate, modern technology and materials. We are so grateful for their support!”

  • Karen Gilmet, Executive Director, Marillac Place

For more information, please contact:

Julie Hause – Executive Administrator

(519) 747-5661 |

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