Announcing New Website

Written by: Jan Edissi

We are so pleased to be launching our new website.  As a trustee and BIG fan of the Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region and the work we do, I knew it was important to refresh our internet presence.  Our Facebook page has been a great addition and updating the website was the logical next step.  We are looking forward to accessing a bigger audience with this exceptional new website and knew that it needed to be relevant and up to date.  Attracting a broader audience is important to our work and our outreach.  While fundraising will always be a key component of our mission, “friend raising” is also so very important to us.  Did you know that we grant money twice a year?  We are thrilled to hear from your schools, churches and other community organizations. It is our pleasure to review grant applications and fund exciting projects/ideas that enhance the spirit of our organization.   You have probably seen the photos with Doug Hess, our president, and the happy recipients of the grant money on our Facebook posts.  I did mention fundraising and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our lottery.  It was started to help families send their teenagers to Catholic High School before public funding was available.  It continues to be our best vehicle for raising money and an important part of our beginning.  Join us in funding worthwhile projects that will make your heart smile!  These are great projects that change lives and enhance programs at our schools and churches.  I have personally visited the Chaplin at St. Mary’s High School and saw the prayer cloths we funded for their classroom prayer centres. It was an amazing visit!  I can also tell you that the odds of winning are very good and this is a great organization to support.  So, check it out – buy a lottery ticket – you will be glad you did!

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